ACWA Services Ltd

ACWa AIR the air pollution control division of ACWa Services Ltd wide range of air pollution control and gas cleaning systems each individually designed for the specific operating conditions and the to provide the most cost effective means of achieving the increasingly more stringent emission requirements

Process applications range from VOC abatement, dust and fume removal, Odour removal, gas cooling and heat recovery to acid and noxious gas absorption. ACWa have completed projects in the water, effluent treatment, food processing, chemical, pharmaceuticals, minerals, metals processing, textiles, printing and waste incineration industries.

Each system is individually designed around a suite of process technologies to suit the specific application. These technologies include :-

· Thermal Oxidiser for VOC and Odour abatement
· Wet Scrubbing including Venturi Scrubbers, Plate Scrubbers and Packed Towers
· Dry Scrubbers
· High Temperature Filtration
· Bio filters for odour control.

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