LewaPlus - Combined system design for RO and IX

The LewaPlus™ design software is a comprehensive software design tool for ion exchange resin (IX) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane systems. It allows for dimensioning of IX and RO systems under a variety of system configurations, including some unique process configurations only available with Lewatit® and Lewabrane® product technology. This innovative design software is now supported in 11 languages.

LewaPlus - Combined system design for RO and IX

Available modules with the new LewaPlus™ v1.8 software
- Demineralization with Ion Exchange
- Mixed bed demineralization with Ion Exchange
- Calculation of current operating Ion Exchange performance (Demi check)
- Softening and dealkalization with Ion Exchange
- Reverse Osmosis system design for brackish water and seawater application

This design software is unique in the water treatment industry. It allows the designer to conduct both IX and RO designs inside the same program, and to seamlessly transfer the RO permeate to the IX module for quick and accurate design of the complete desalination system. A new post treatment module is also available for pH adjustment and chemical addition of the final product water. Also available, through our proprietary Product Scout facility, is access to all product data sheets, and MSDS for IX. We recommend to check for updates frequently.

New functionality within the RO module:
- Support for hybrid pressure vessel configurations to achieve reduced feed pressure or to equalize permeate flux distribution along the membrane unit
- Support for split-partial 2-pass designs and various concentrate recirculation options
- Post treatment module to calculate chemical addition (re-mineralization) and degasification
- Power consumption module to calculate system power costs for a variety of ERD configurations
- Capital and operating cost module

The capital and operating costs module calculates total water costs using an innovative cost model that allows assignment of local cost structures, or recent (5 year historical data) industry default values. The costs can be adjusted to reflect planned cost of capital as well as local costs for all water cost inputs. The model follows RO industry conventions for assignment of water costs in project bid situations.

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