Sterlitech: Tangential Flow Stirred Cells

Sterlitech tangential flow stirred cells, high pressure stirred cells and our magnetic and hotplate-stirrers are all standout supplies when durability and chemical resistance are desired.

Sterlitech: Tangential Flow Stirred Cells

Stirred Cell Product Characteristics:

  • Tangential flow stirred cell design increases membrane life and sample throughout
  • PTFE stir bar is mounted to stay clear of the pressure filtration membrane
  • All tangential flow stirred cell contact surfaces are non-metal
  • Clear plastic reservoir allows for fluid level and sample condition to be visually monitored
  • Removable caps allow stirred cell sample to be added during filtration
  • Pressure relief valve supplied

Stirred Cell Product Applications:

  • Desalting and concentrating proteins, enzymes, virus, and other biological samples
  • Pressure filtration of fluids that contain a heavy particle burden, e.g. bacteria, silts
  • Membrane analysis

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