Sterlitech: Skid Mounted Membrane Filtration Systems

Skid Mounted Membrane Filtration Systems are custom designed to evaluate the performance of membranes widely used in Reverse Osmosis, Forward Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Microfiltration applications. Membrane Test Skids stimulate the flow dynamics of larger, commercially available membrane systems. Available in both Digital and Analog configuration, test Skids offer experimental control by allowing adjustment of the flow parameters to accommodate a wide range of applications.

 Sterlitech: Skid Mounted Membrane Filtration Systems

Skid Mounted Membrane Filtration Systems are Custom Designed to meet the requirements of the researchers and end users. To learn more about the Skids please contact one of the Membrane and Process Development Specialists at

These systems have been configured for use with standard spiral wound elements and the Sterlitech cross flow cells, including:

  • Spiral wound membranes
  • Sepa
  • CF042
  • CF016

Sterlitech Skid Mounted Membrane Filtration Systems are available in single or multiple cell configurations in both parallel and series modes. Digital Skids display and record the flow parameters collected by the integrated sensors in real-time for:

  • Flow Rate
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Weight


  • Biological or Biopharmaceutical Processing
  • Concentration of Fruit Juices and Extracts
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Desalination of Brackish Water or Seawater
  • Purification of Rinse Water in Electroplating Tanks
  • Municipal or Industrial Water and Wastewater Purification
  • Leachate Treatment
  • Brine Concentration
  • Municipal/Industrial Water and Wastewater Purification

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