Route is the right pump for all chemical treatments, from heavy fluids to suspended solids

This series of thermoplastic or fluorinated polymers chemical pumps is available in both magnetic drive setting and mechanical seal for pumping various chemical liquids even if laden with impurities and suspended solids. Mainly by the quantity and quality of these, you can choose the setting that better suits you. A patented system for running dry without damage is available for the magnetic drive version.

Route is the right pump for all chemical treatments, from heavy fluids to suspended solids

The magnetic drive pump features the patented “bi-directional axial self-alignment system” which allows, for the “R” configuration, to run dry. The combination of adequate materials of the driving system of the impeller with a specific magnetic field wholly eliminate all frontal frictions that are the cause of breakage when running dry. It is possible to couple standard motors without disassembling the pump.


The ROUTE pumps are set forth as a valid and significant solution to pump corrosive fluids laden with light to medium quantities of solids in suspension.


For the applications requiring devices compliant of ATEX certification for Zone 2 the pumps Route are supplied with casings and other "conductive" parts made of thermoplastic materials (E-CTFE ND IFEX) reinforced with low resistivity carbon fiber.


ROUTE pumps are available, either in magnetic drive construction with TMR models or in traditional construction (mechanical seal) with ZMR models.

TMR: hermetically sealed, for all chemicals and run-dry

The TMR magnetic drive pumps offer (with the particular version "R") a prolonged safe, dry running.

The objective of Argal® was to eliminate, in the case of dry run, the front and rear friction which has been possible thanks to an innovative use of magnetic fields, conceived and developed by our internal research team and patented internationally.

The new optional system holds the impeller in a neutral position, without axial contacts, as soon as main hydraulic flow drops. 

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ZMR: mechanical sealed, orientable pump casing and for all chemicals

Whereas the ZMR design offers different layouts of mechanical seals: within the pump casing or external, lubricated by the pumped liquid, or double flushed with clean fluid.

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