KGK, the vertical pump for tanks, reservoirs and sumps.

Argal® pumps series KGK are centrifugal and assembled vertically, with column and pump body completely immersed, independent mechanical support and external electric motor, above of liquid level. Pump lengths are between 500 and 4 000 mm, and no metal part is in contact with the fluid and no nuts and bolts immersed. Shaft's guide bushings made of ceramic and Silicon Carbide for pumping liquids with strong, average abrasives can be lubricated with liquid from outside source. Various types of seal systems are provided: dry vapours or with a rotating mechanical seal for protecting from corrosion the upper metallic components.

KGK, the vertical pump for tanks, reservoirs and sumps.

How are KGK pumps constructed?

These pumps are divided into two different constructive hydraulic typologies with size G1 and G2 and size G3. 
Sizes G1 and G2 have impellers and single-stage volute casings working with centrifugal flows whereas size G3 has impellers and bodies generating semi-axial flows and can be either at single-stage or double-stage with one or two impellers in series. For all the pumps, the hydraulic axial inlet connection is downwards and fitted with a protective filter. 
The radial outlet connection is joint to a vertical upward oriented discharge pipe to be connected to the hydraulic system, out of the tank on the base plate. 
The support includes the rolling bearing and the elastic coupling and allows the central self-alignment of the normalised electrical motor. G1 and G2 are lubricated with grease and G3 with oil. Columns are available in standard lengths from 500 to 4 000 with increments of 250 mm.

Materials chosen with great care

The pumps are completely structured with thermoplastic or with column and delivery pipe made of FRP which offer an excellent chemical resistance to the wetted parts.
Our technical department provides the chemical compatibility charts for selecting the proper configuration about the concentration and temperature of the fluid pumped and for making the operation safe and reliable.

Vapour seal systems

To contain the vapours developing inside the pump in static and dynamic conditions, a V-ring dry steam seal is located close to the base plate. It is possible to add a dynamic deflector or a fluid barrier vapour system on request. The latter operated feeding modest quantities of compressed air on the water with a push in a rapid connector to build up a counter pressurised laminar flow and prevent vapours or poisonous gases to flush the mechanical parts and spread in the environment.

High-quality pumps

The single components, as well as the entire pump, are subjected to quality controls: they comply with CE standards on machine safety and are supplied with all the relevant documentation.


They can handle hefty liquids up to 2kg/dm3 and viscous up to 75 cSt, from heavy acids to emulsions to hydrocarbons or even glycol ethers pumped from tanks, reservoirs and sumps. 


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