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Omya Remineralization Technologies

The quality of natural water continues to decline due to a number of factors, among them denitrification, increased carbon dioxide in the soil and increased nitrogen and sulfur oxides in rain water. In order to raise the quality of natural water to a potable level, i.e. to a level acceptable for human consumption, we use limestone grades to adjust the pH value, to remineralize the water, or to reduce the water's hardness as defined by the TH value (total hardness).

The grade and types of calcium carbonate used in the treatment of potable water are defined by the European Standard EN 1018 or by local standards.

Acid rain is the result of air pollution caused by gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides from industrial activities. It causes open waters to become acidic and develop a low pH. This environmental problem can be solved by spreading our calcium carbonate products on the water to increase the pH of the water.

We can also use our calcium carbonates to limit the eutrophisation of water. The products decrease excess nutrients (phosphate, nitrate) in water by adding Ca ions, which subsequently increases the clarity of the water.

Eutrophication darkens the water and causes algal bloom, odor and the disappearance of fish from the area.

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