Omya Advanced Remineralization Process (OARP)

A turnkey solution for desalination post-treatment

Omya Advanced Remineralization Process (OARP)

To exploit the technical and economic advantages of Calcium Carbonate over lime, as well as improve on the reactivity, Omya has developed a number of advanced remineralization processes that utilize micronized Calcium Carbonate at their core.

The processes offer reduced contact times, improved Co2 efficiency, reduced plant footprint, as well as simpler storage and dosage systems.

Modular, flexible and robust process design and operation provides for the ability to adapt to changing operating conditions and consequently delivers stable and reliable remineralization of desalinated water.


The main OARP benefits are:

  • Premium water quality
  • Cost optimized design
  • Modular & flexible operation
  • Zero product & backwash waste
  • Drinking water approved

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