Qualifloc CE series - Cationic coagulants / flocculants

Cationic Poly-acrylamide based polymers with high molecular weight and linear chain specifically designed to promote quick solid/ liquid phases separation in waste water treatment plants and process water. Strong coagulating agents for waste water treatment used in settling/ flotation units.


Qualifloc CE Product Range
Products belonging to the Qualifloc CE series are:
• Qualifloc CE 2002 • Qualifloc CE 2010
• Qualifloc CE 2020 • Qualifloc CE 2030
• Qualifloc CE 2040 • Qualifloc CE 2060
• Qualifloc CE 2080
Application Features
Qualifloc CE series products are used to improve solid/liquid separation in several applications and industrial processes as waste water streams, mining, steel industry, refinery, petrochemical processes.
These products are designed to promote quick solid/liquid phases separation in waste water treatment plants and process water. Tailored for settling - flotation units, dewatering machines and wherever is required a quick and complete separation of solids from water. Water phase if left clean allows a discharge at minimum level of residual suspended solids while solid phase is separated with minimum level of residual water.
• Maximize settling rates
• Improve discharged water clarification
• Work over a wide range of pH
• Can be used alone or after a primary inorganic or organic flocculants addition
• High efficiency as sludge conditioning aid
Application and dosage level
Diluted working solution of Qualifloc is prepared adding it to industrial water under agitation.
To obtain a complete polymer dissolution the required contact time into service tank is minimum ½ hour. Advised standard contact time is 1 hour.
Typical treatment level (product “as is”):
• Flocculant: 0.5-30 ppm
• Coagulant aids: 1-5 ppm
• Filtration aids: 0.05-1 ppm
• Sludge conditioning aids: 20-600 grams per ton of sludge to be dewatered
For the selection of the correct product from the Qualifloc CE series, accurate dosage level recommendation, sales specifications sheet and MSDS please contact your local Italmatch representative.
Italmatch does have sample kits available for the selection of the most appropriate product (and associated dosage level) from our Qualifloc / Qualipol range.
Drums: 210 kg
IBC: 1050 kg
Bulk: available on request

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