HP Feed Pumps and Energy Recovery Boosters for Seawater and Brackish Water RO

FEDCO is your single source for high pressure pumps and energy recovery systems for seawater and brackish water Reverse Osmosis desalination.

HP Feed Pumps and Energy Recovery Boosters for Seawater and Brackish Water RO

Fluid Equipment Development Company, LLC (FEDCO) is a global leader in the single source manufacture and sales of high-pressure pumps and energy recovery device (ERD) packages for RO desalination. Our equipment is designed and built to meet the specific challenges of seawater and brackish water RO applications. FEDCO knows the importance of reliability, low capital cost and the importance of easy operation.

The standard seawater RO product line is the MSS series high-pressure feed pump and Hydraulic Pressure Booster or model HPB energy recovery turbine. The MSS and HPB package capacity range is 10-270 m3/hr (45 to 5,300 gpm) with pressures to 83 bar. The MSS multi-stage centrifugal high pressure feed pumps have proved to be the most reliable high pressure feed pump available. Loaded with unique features such as the patented WATER BEARING thrust bearing, pumpage-lubricated bearings and maintenance-free design ensures years of trouble-free operation. The Hydraulic Pressure Booster or HPB is a fully self-contained brine energy recovery device that has earned a reputation for reliability, ease of operation and most importantly as the best value in energy recovery today. The HPB generates a pressure boost in the feed stream ranging from 20%-40% of the total membrane requirement. The unit is entirely energized by the brine stream. The brine and feed provide all lubrication and cooling. Manufactured in duplex SS 2205, the HPB is the most compact of all ERDs. The HPB has a 3 year warranty - the longest standard warranty in the industry.

The large system seawater RO products include the SSD series high-pressure feed pump and large HPB model energy recovery turbine or the HP-HEMI hydraulic energy management integration units. Our SSD pump performs just like any heavy-duty HP feed pump does, but it does so at higher efficiency and lower capital cost. With fast delivery, its ideal for the most demanding project schedule. The HP-HEMI recovers brine hydraulic energy at efficiencies that rival all other turbine-based ERDs. These units obtain total control of your SWRO system membrane operating conditions. Use of the HP-HEMI eliminates energy-wasting throttle valves and expensive variable frequency drives (VFDs). The large HPB model is ultra efficient (over 80%), provides large capital cost savings, and low specific energy consumption. These large system RO energy recovery devices produce the lowest cost permeate of any ERD in mega SWRO systems.

FEDCO brings affordable energy recovery to low pressure RO systems with brackish water RO applications with the LP-HEMI modular pumping/ERD system. All low pressure units are manufactured using proven components from FEDCO models HPB and MSS product lines. The Low Pressure Hydraulic Energy Management Integration or LP-HEMI combines multiple fluid handling functions into a single, low cost and reliable device. The versatile LP-HEMI can be used in virtually every new or existing low pressure RO applications. The LPH features feed pumps and energy recovery turbines into a single compact unit in horizontal and vertical configurations. The LPS model is a brackish water RO feed pump featuring a small footprint with zero-scheduled maintenance. The exclusive WATER BEARING absorbs all pump thrust and ensures maximum motor bearing life. The LPD units is configured as an electrical power recovery turbine using a regenerative VFD with brine connections. The excess brine energy can be converted into electricity to greatly improve the economics of brackish water RO energy recovery.

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