FEDCO Energy Recovery Devices

FEDCO is your single source for high pressure pumps and energy recovery systems for seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis desalination.

FEDCO Energy Recovery Devices

FEDCO's line of energy recovery devices consists of the LPH (Low Pressure Hemi), LPD (Low Pressure Drive), HP-HEMI (High Pressure Hydraulic Energy Management Intergration), and HPB (Hydraulic Pressure Booster).

The LPH is revolutionizing pumping and energy recovery in brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO). The unique modular construction of the FEDCO LP product line allows a few components to be configured in dozens of ways to achieve the performance requirements of a wide range of BWRO systems without high capital and installation costs. Maintenance costs are likewise reduced as maintenance spares and procedures are minimized for large installations. The LPH takes full advantage of the modular concept with two turbine options, five stage options and up to three pump modules per LPH. Moreover, the turbine module is custom-designed and manufactured to match the specific range of turbine flow and pressure ranges.

The LPD turbine generator energy recovery device uses hydraulic energy to drive a generator to produce electrical energy. Integrated to the unit is a suitable generator (generally an induction generator) VFD that regulates the LPD such that control of the brine flow and pressure is achieved as required for desired membrane operating conditions while extracting the maximum amount of electricity available from the brine system. The vertical mount eliminates a large base plate and the shaft alignment is assured by highly accurate machine fits of the components.

Superior efficiency comes with superior reliability as FEDCO offers an industry-leading three year limited warranty on the HPB product line. Our high quality design includes total elimination of all external tubing and valves, one-piece rotor construction, multi-vane diffuser and a rotor-flo thrust bearing lubrication. The HPB comes in both standard and mega system sizes. With nine models, there is a perfect HPB for the most demanding project requirements.

The function of the HP-HEMI is to bridge the gap between the HPP constant-pressure characteristics and the membrane variable pressure requirement. The HEMI is simply a slightly modified HPB with a motor attached to its rotor. It can provide entire SWRO control of feed and brine flows by the addition of a basic PLC. The permeate flow meter controls the HEMI VFD and the brine flow meter controls the HPB turbine variable nozzle via signals from the PLC. The HPB-HEMI comes in six models, covering the largest current and anticipated SWRO trains. It can stand feed flows from 400 to 4000 m3/hr and pressures up to 83 bar.

Both the HPB and the HPB-HEMI come standard in Duplex SS 2205 with optional Super Duplex SS 2507. Brine nozzle valve actuators, flanged connections and other options are also available.

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