FEDCO Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Pumps

FEDCO is your single source for high pressure and energy recovery systems for seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis desalination.

FEDCO Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Pumps

The MSB series multi-stage centrifugal low pressure feed pumps provide a new level of reliability and efficiency in brackish RO pumps. The MSB series applications include use as a feed pump, product transfer pump, and an interstage booster. It can operate at pressures up to 35 bar and have feed flows from 10 to 200 m3/hr.

Special Features of the MSB will provide to be an exceptional efficiency and quality pump. The unique design such as the patented Water Bearing thrust bearing, pumpage-lubricated bearings, and maintenance-free design ensures years of trouble-free operation. The series has 316 SS components with a Duplex SS shaft.

The LPS (Low Pressure Pump) has efficiencies up to 80%, flows up to 850 m3/hr and pressures up to 35 bar, making it an ideal pump for a wide range of BWRO applications. Also, the 316 SS construction meets the most demanding corrosion requirements.

The vertical configurations and low weight virtually eliminated foundation requirements as well as having highly accurate alignment components.

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