inge® Ultrafiltration Membranes

Just 10 - 20 nanometers. That is the size of the pores of the high-tech membranes that water passes through during ultrafiltration: 3,000 times smaller than the diameter a human hair. Health and purity beyond the visible: inge ultrafiltration membranes provide a reliable means of removing suspended solids, bacteria, germs and viruses from polluted water. This sophisticated, proven technology enables water treatment on an industrial scale, providing pure water for people everywhere.

inge® Ultrafiltration Membranes

inge GmbH is a global leading provider of ultrafiltration technology, and was acquired by BASF in 2011. It is headquartered in the town of Greifenberg near Munich in Germany with more than 100 employees. With a global reach, Inge's range of products includes highly-efficient ultrafiltration modules and cost-effective rack designs that are the core components of water treatment plants.

Multibore® Membrane

The patented Multibore membrane technology combines seven individual capillaries in a highly robust fiber - an arrangement that significantly increases the membrane's stability and eliminates the risk of fiber breakage.

dizzer® Modules

Compact and high-capacity ultrafiltration. Thanks to an optimum hydrodynamic design combined with the top-notch treatment efficiency of the Multibore membrane, the dizzer module sets new standards in ultrafiltration technology.


Space-saving and efficiency boosting: The T-Rack® is an integrated, ultra-compact rack system that is equipped with dizzer® XL ultrafiltration modules. The inlet and outlet lines are already integrated in the end caps - a design feature that makes the system's footprint considerably smaller.

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