Desalination Plants: Maintain high level of productivity

By 2030, the world could face a 40 percent water shortfall. Water scarcity presents serious challenges impacting everything from food production through to broader economic and social development. We must all do our part to conserve water and find innovative ways to increase the water supply.

Desalination Plants: Maintain high level of productivity

The use of desalination is a critical part of the solution to address the world’s water problems. Desalination has the unique ability to provide the only new source of fresh water on our planet. Today desalinated seawater is still comparatively expensive and energy-intensive compared to conventionally abstracted drinking water. This is where clever technology and chemistry innovations are truly needed to enable that growth potential. In BASF’s research and development activities, we’re looking at different ways how to cost effectively boost the performance of our products with the aim to protect the assets from scale formation, to run thermal and reverse osmosis processes more efficiently and to deliver environmental beneficial solutions.

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. For more than two decades BASF has been known for its innovative desalination products:

BASF’s Sokalan® RO range of high performance membrane antiscalants has been developed focusing on sustainability and low environmental impact while considering specific customer requirements for resource efficient Reverse Osmosis desalination. The high performance chemical pretreatment with Sokalan® RO antiscalants controls inorganic salts, metal hydroxides, and colloids in RO feed water. Its unique performance characteristics provide users with more complete control of system feed water chemistry, reducing membrane fouling and minimizing cleaning requirements. The use of the eco-friendly Sokalan® RO portfolio causes no or low eutrophication in water bodies.

With BASF’s extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment the Magnafloc® LT coagulants and flocculants portfolio complements the offering providing advanced pre-treatment performance and residuals treatment in the RO desalination process.

The eco-friendly antiscalant Sokalan® PM 15 I is an industry benchmark for resource efficient thermal seawater desalination and is approved for use in major seawater desalination plants world-wide. Sokalan® AF is a pure organic, silicone free antifoam that provides excellent foam control for thermal desalination processes at low dosage rates.


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