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New CEO appointed by Poseidon Resources

Carlos A Riva, who has led a number of leading infrastructure companies, has joined Poseidon Resources as chief executive officer.

Poseidon is finalizing project financing for the 50 MGD (189,000 m³/d) Carlsbad seawater reverse-osmosis desalination plant and is in final permitting for a similar-sized plant at Huntington Beach, both in California.

Riva has had a distinguished career as president or CEO of several companies, including J Makowski Company, Intergen, Amec Group Ltd and most recently as CEO of Verenium Corporation, a San Diego-based pioneer in the fields of advanced biofuels and industrial enzymes. He holds engineering degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

"I am very pleased to be joining the Poseidon Resources team at such a pivotal time," said Riva. "The company has done a remarkable job bringing forward these large infrastructure projects in a very challenging regulatory environment and is now poised for significant growth."

Posted on 16 August 2011  

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