VAF Shark Skin Treatment for Screens - Seawater Applications

VAF Shark Skin Treatment added to any 316L stainless steel filter screen will provide a robust barrier and extra layer of protection in seawater applications. Increased corrosion resistance will prolong the life of the screen and reduce repairs and maintenance costs.

VAF Shark Skin Treatment for Screens - Seawater Applications

This uniquely treated screen is an extremely cost effective alternative to high cost alloys, such as Hastelloy & Monel.  These alloys can be as much as 10 times the price of 316L stainless steel; whereas the "Shark Skin" treatment is priced very competitively relative to that of a standard 316L screen and provides enhanced service life.
To place an order or designate Shark Skin treated screens, just add a -DSCN behind the micron rating in the screen part number; i.e., a V-1000 300 micron screen would have the part number of: V1000-300-DSCN.

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