Need a pump for desalination plants and water treatments? Take a look at the Saturn!

Saturn process pumps are made from composites of thermosetting resins of high mechanical resistance, dimensional stability and excellent chemical resistance and are designed and produced by Argal® in order to implement a more comprehensive and efficient response to the various requirements of pumping of corrosive fluids in industrial processes: from applications in waste water treatment to those using seawater. Created in two versions, one is with mechanical support (base and coupling to the motor) and monobloc (with the pump directly flanged to the engine with specific support bearing). They comply with ANSI/ASME B73.1.

Need a pump for desalination plants and water treatments? Take a look at the Saturn!

Saturn pumps are entirely produced by Argal with the made in Italy quality. We have chosen to use the RTM injection moulding technology to manufacture all the parts by laying layers of fibreglass mat strand in the moulds before injecting the resin.

The use of different fibreglass mats (weight, texture orientation and numbers) reinforces the structure of the pump, especially in the most mechanically solicited areas. It also offers a high-quality surface finish and an excellent chemical resistance of the surfaces in contact with the fluids pumped.

Thermosetting resins are not reprocessed once they are catalysed, which gives higher mechanical properties as well as thermal and dimensional stability and longer lifecycle than the thermoplastic materials.



As Saturn pumps are made with FRP (fibre reinforced polyester), they do not need an external protecting case to reinforce the structure. Also, the design and the intrinsic resistance of FRP make our pumps as resistant as the one constructed in metallic alloys.


Construction available with different blends of epoxy vinyl ester makes these pumps resistant to a broad range of corrosive and/or moderately abrasive chemical agents of large and common use and resistant to seawater.


They are the best alternative to metallic pumps (made of alloys) in terms of technical and economic points of view.

Our pumps are reliably applied in water treatment and pre-treatment, as well as for seawater applications or even depuration of waste waters. Saturn pumps are generally used in industries deploying chemical fluids too. 

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