Metito Case Study: Sewage treatment works for Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi based PJSC, is one of the largest developers in the Middle East and North Africa region, with over US$ 12 billion of assets. The company has developed some of Abu Dhabi's most iconic and complex projects, from the Formula 1 facilities on Yas Island to the thriving new Shams Abu Dhabi community on Reem Island. As its partner for success, Aldar chose Metito to construct, execute and put into operation a new sewage treatment works (STW) located on Yas Island to serve the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix track. The plant will also serve Warner Brothers Movie World, Ferrari World, a cluster of hotels including; Yas Marina Hotel, a water park, and Yas Mall. A parkland golf course, marinas, a polo club, apartments, villas and food and beverage outlets would also benefit from the project.

Metito Case Study: Sewage treatment works for Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Key Data 

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi-UAE

Plant Type: Sewage works treatment

Capacity: 38,000 m3/day

Ultimate Capacity: 57,000 m3/day

Use: Municipal

Client: Aldar

End User: ADSSC

Consultant/Project: KBR and Halcrow International Manager

Contract Type: Turnkey design and build, including Civil Works and 2 years O&M


In view of the prestigious type of the project, and the nature of the development, the Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process was chosen. This process produces high quality effluent that can be safely used in open irrigation. The treated and disinfected effluent from STW is discharged to an irrigation network to be re-used for landscape irrigation.


Scope of Work

The scope of the STW entails the design and construction of treatment facilities split into three equal streams 19,000 m3/day each. The STW treats flows equivalent to two thirds of the ultimate population, and it is anticipated that the third module of the plant will be operational at a later stage. The supplied equipment comprised the following:

  • Pretreatment section which includes a PLC controlled mechanical coarse barscreen 12m deep, submersible pumping station, automatic fine screens, grit and grit removal units and aerated equalisation tanks
  • Biological treatment which utilises submerged MBRs, all covered
  • Anoxic recycling pumps
  • Chlorine disinfection system utilising onsite Hypochlorite generators
  • Excess sludge storage, aeration and concentration belt press
  • Odour control unit treating air at a rate of 36,000m3/h
  • Full SCADA control system, MCCs and substation


Key Benefits

  • State of the art fully automated plant
  • Infrastructure that allows for future expansion
  • Eliminating costly requirement for drainage system connection to main land
  • Serves both domestic and commercial districts
  • High quality treated effluent meeting stringent specifications and suitable for open irrigation with no health hazard
  • Maintaining a "Green Concept" throughout the island by saving water and recycling waste
  • Supporting Aldar's vision which is aligned with the Emirates "Vision 2030" strategy of economic diversification and social infrastructure development


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