Flowserve Energy Recovery Turbines

Energy Recovery Devices Are Integral to the RO Process. Energy consumption is generally the biggest cost driver of desalination, thereby making energy recovery equipment critical to the RO process. Flowserve dual work exchanger energy recovery (DWEER ) technology and energy recovery turbines (ERT), combined with the company's valves and seals, enable us to deliver a complete and integrated desalination flow control solution.

Flowserve Energy Recovery Turbines

Energy Recovery Turbines
By converting energy into rotary power and able to recover as much as 90% of the hydraulic energy remaining in the brine stream, energy recovery turbines are designed and manufactured specifically for reverse osmosis desalination. These high-pressure pumps are highly efficient and reliable with an installation base in more than 1000 seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis plants worldwide.
See how Flowserve helps with energy savings in SWRO plants around the world. With its industry-leading products, unmatched materials expertise and SWRO-specific application knowledge, Flowserve is the single-source provider of complete, integrated flow control. Download the case study at www.flowserve.com/desal

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