BASF - We Create Chemistry that helps water love solutions

Chemistry as a key industry has always been a driving force for innovation, providing sustainable solutions for the challenges that arise from trends in "resources, environment and climate, "food and nutrition and "quality of life. Sustainable solutions can only be achieved through innovation. This is why Research and Development has such enormous importance in BASF's "We create chemistry strategy

BASF - We Create Chemistry that helps water love solutions

BASF focuses on the most promising growth fields; this includes, for example, batteries as key components of energy-efficient mobility, water treatment and organic electronics.

Cross-sectional technologies and interdisciplinary approaches are needed in order to develop solutions for these growth fields. This is an integral part of the three technology fields Raw Material Change, Materials, Systems & Nanotechnology, and White Biotechnology.

As tomorrow's innovations require us to forge new paths, the focus of Research and Development has shifted over the years - away from the development of individual molecules and towards functional materials and system solutions.

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