Desalination: Every drop counts

Water is the main source of life and an essential resource for health and development. Although roughly 70 percent of our planet is covered with water, it is increasingly becoming a scarce good as the world population and consequently the cities and the demand for water continue to grow.

Desalination: Every drop counts

Innovations in the water industry play a key role in this process. One such example is water desalination: turning salt water into fresh water suitable for human consumption. Arid regions such as Southern Europe or the Middle East have brought about important technological developments in this field. Already in ancient times, pioneers were able to successfully separate water from salt through the process of distillation.

Modern desalination facilities also employ this process, but due to the high consumption of energy when heating the water, specific membranes were developed in the 1970s. Nowadays, both methods are used and desalinated seawater is one major alternative to ground water, helping to meet the problem of water scarcity in dry regions.

Chemistry significantly contributes to innovative water treatment solutions. BASF provides the most advanced chemical solutions and services to formulators and service companies making us the preferred partner for various industries involved in water treatment that range from water production through water use to water purification.

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