New A.R.I. Combination Industrial Air Valve for Desalination

A.R.I has recently marketed the D-025L, a combination air valve adapted for use in seawater applications in the desalination industry. The D-025L is made from stainless steel SAE 316, Duplex 5a or composite materials.

New A.R.I. Combination Industrial Air Valve for Desalination

These materials are all non-corrosive and withstand the harsh conditions of corrosive fluid environments such brine, sand, sludge, industrial waste, sanitary brine and seawater.
The air valve has a unique structure that allows total separation between the fluid and the sealing mechanism. Thus, the valve operates optimally during harsh working conditions, preventing spills and environmental pollution. The D-025L is suitable for installation on UF filtration systems in the slurry discharge lines.
The spring-loaded joint between the stem and the sealing assembly doesn’t allow vibrations of the float unseal the air release component.
The D-025L has a maximum working pressure of 16 bar and is available in sizes 2” & 3”, both in threaded and flanged models. The valve is lightweight with a low profile, making it easily accessible in compact space installations.
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