A.R.I. Check Valve with Removable Cover for Desalination

The engineers in A.R.I. have developed a swing-type check valve that can resist the corrosive conditions of seawater and brackish water used in desalination plants.

A.R.I. Check Valve with Removable Cover for Desalination

The check valve body is protected against wear and abrasion by an internal coating of vulcanized rubber. All internal parts, including the disc assembly, are manufactured from high strength, non-corrosive metals, including worthite and titanium.

The removable cover allows for on-site maintenance without the need to remove the valve from the pipeline. The size range is from 3” to 48” in diameter and the pressure rating is up to 25 bar.

These valves have been successfully installed in brackish water desalination installations in Israel and in seawater desalination facilities in Israel and in Larnaca, Cyprus.

For full details, please contact the A.R.I. marketing dept. at ari@ari.co.il.

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