16 Side Port Vessel

High Performance Composite Pressure Vessels for Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nano-filtration (NF) and Ultra-filtration (UF) Membrane Applications. BEL 16" End Port Vessels designed to accommodate standard 16" membranes, from 1 membrane up to 8 membranes. The vessel body produced by a continuous filament winding process and the pipes connections are located on the vessel's sidewall.

16 Side Port Vessel

BEL Group, founded in 1966, specialize in designing and manufacturing variety of products made from advanced composite materials. With over 45 years of experience, the company has developed and mastered the innovative technologies necessary to manufacture the highest quality composite products.

Combining innovation, technology, responsibility and dedication, we are leaders in providing commercial and industrial composite vessels for our clients needs.

BEL 16” pressure vessels are manufactured from filament wound Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), wound over precise Chrome coated mandrels, using a superior epoxy resin, which results in the ultimate combination of physical strength, long lasting life time and an ultra smooth inside surface.

Each vessel is designed and tested according to the engineering requirements of the latest version of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) code for Boiler and pressure vessels section X for Fiber - Reinforced Plastic pressure vessels, the internationally recognized standard for pressure vessel construction.

BEL 16” vessels are designed to stand with pressure more than 6 times from the design pressure and 100,000 cycles of working pressure. All BEL vessels are hydro tested in 1.1 from working pressure to insure all the restricted qualification rules of the ASME.

The pressure vessels are manufactured in different configurations, from 1 to 8 of 40 inch membranes according to the required operating pressures, filtration type, and piping layout. In order to enhance interchangeability and facilitate the use and maintenance of the vessels, the utilization of identical parts and sub-assemblies has been maximized throughout the design of the vessel. For better performance and longer service life, each model is manufactured from the best quality for materials of construction.

BEL Group holds ISO 9001 quality systems certification, and its quality assurance is also approved for in - house final inspection by many of its customers.

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